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IT is the nervous system of your organization. IT makes your business go.  That's where Nexigen comes in. Whatever your goals, we help you reach them. We don't know your business, but we'll get to know you. Working together, we will develop a network that will enhance your business processes. We have your back.


Go Mobile

Today's world is on the go all the time. It's 24/7/365. Whether yours is a worldwide operation or a local mom-and-pop company, we will help you stay connected. If you are expecting a call, you are no longer tied to your office phone. If you have work to do before the big overseas meeting, you can take the office with you. Wherever you go, you're home.


Get Secured

System security can be a nightmare. It takes expertise and knowledge to keep up with what's going on. It changes minute by minute. The challenge can be overwhelming - the stuff of nightmares. However, you only need to know one thing - Nexigen. We tuck you in at night. Sweet dreams.



Recent News

  • Hackers Hit 100 Banks in 'Unprecedented' $1 Billion Cyber Heist: Kaspersky Lab

    Apr 14, 2015
    In a report obtained by SecurityWeek that is scheduled to be released Monday at Kaspersky Lab’s Security Analyst Summit (SAS) in Cancun, Mexico, researchers described a Hollywood style scheme where attackers used an arsenal of attack tools and techniques to siphon massive amounts of money directly from banks rather than targeting end user banking customers. (Update: the report (PDF) has now been released)
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  • Most security breaches involve human error

    Apr 07, 2015
    31 world leaders, including President Obama, had their personal information breached, including name, date of birth and passport number. This should remind employers and employees that human error is a significant factor in data breach events.
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