Connectivity And Data Security Key For Plastic Surgery Practice

Jan 14, 2020

Data should be private and easily accessible. This is a common sentiment, but it can be tough to achieve. For businesses, especially medical practices who are under regulatory scrutiny, secure access to data keeps them running in the modern age. A Greater Cincinnati practice, The Plastic Surgery Group, needed a way to effectively manage electronic devices and patient data across three offices, so it partnered with the top managed services provider in the region, Nexigen.

Since the late 2000’s, the majority of hospitals and medical offices have migrated to electronic records. This shift improves access and storage capacity, but it has certainly added challenges. Clinical staff members have had to master electronic medical records software, such as Nextech, and tablet computers, including Microsoft Surfaces and Apple iPads. To use these tools effectively, and securely, requires a mix of education, training and work behind the scenes.

“Everyone on the Nexigen staff has been helpful, providing assistance in everything from setting up my cell phone and training me on a tablet to improving our servers and WiFi coverage,” said Anne Marie Kaes, Clinical Manager. “Tessa and Drew have worked closely with us to improve our electronic record keeping, and I can count on the Nexigen service desk whenever we have questions or an issue that needs troubleshooting.”

Over the course of a 15-year relationship, Nexigen has maintained and improved The Plastic Surgery Group’s technological infrastructure, providing the following as part of a full portfolio of managed services:

  • Data Storage, Protection and Backup
  • Server Management
  • Office 365 Set-Up and Maintenance
  • Email Filtering
  • Phishing as a Service

A data loss or breach would be a hard blow for this tri-state practice. Regulatory punishments and a loss of reputation hang in the balance, but they can be confident in their long-term and day-to-day operations with a true technology partner like Nexigen.

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