Counter the Increase in Phishing Attacks and Sophistication with Snared

Apr 23, 2020

In 2019, more than 90% of organizations experienced a targeted phishing attack. Leveraging information that is widely available on social media and other public outlets, campaigns are crafted using current events and key information gleaned about your business to trick users into clicking malicious links or downloading malware to gain a foothold in your environment.

While some phishing messages are obvious in their intent, others are very authentic-looking and require training and practice to identify. These messages will contain attributes that give them an authentic look with content that often links to fraudulent websites which are near-exact replicas of the originals. These replicas are designed to trick users into entering usernames and passwords in order to compromise email, financial, logistics and other sensitive accounts.

To counter this, a multi-effort approach to information security is needed. Automated tools are the first: modern spam and malware filters for inbound email, a next-generation firewall with intelligent content filters, quality end-point protection and an effective user awareness and testing program that leverages the same techniques as phishing campaigns that are active in the wild.

Snared trains your employees to avoid phishing attacks.

Enter Snared, Nexigen’s industry-leading phishing awareness, testing and training platform. With thousands of users already participating in regular testing and training campaigns, Snared is a proven tool to build your users’ awareness of phishing techniques and training to enable them to identify and avoid them.

We believe that Snared is so effective, that Nexigen is offering 90 days of no-obligation, free phishing training to all new subscribers. If you are not convinced that Snared has had a positive impact with your users, you may cancel your subscription. However, we believe that Snared is the most cost-effective way to defend your business’ sensitive data and your organization will join our ranks of loyal and enthusiastic customers.

So, reach out to Nexigen today to find out how Snared can make your employees more confident, secure, and resilient to the ever-increasing number of phishing attacks. You’ll be happy you did!

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