Email Archiving & Message Security

May 24, 2016

Edited: June 14, 2018

Email Security

If you spend hours each week deleting junk and spam email, then you understand how frustrating that can be. Are there times you have wished problem emails could be stopped before they got to your network?  They can.

Email is a necessity; it is critical that it be reliable and devoid of threats.  Nexigen offers the ultimate system to accomplish this goal.  Best of all, there is no software to install or hardware to purchase.  .In fact, you don’t have to do anything.  We do it all for you, and it is always up-to-date and functioning.  You won’t have to worry about spam, phishing, viruses, other email issues, or denial of service (DoS) attacks and, at the same time, false positives won’t bog the system down and stop delivery of valid emails.

Email issues will be a thing of the past with the aid of Google Message Security provided by Nexigen.  Signature-based and heuristic detection methods are just two of the tools used to protect the security of your email server.  Daily quarantine summaries provide the information necessary to understand the nature of any intrusion, so steps can be taken to reduce future risk.

Google Postini Services include protection of social security and credit card numbers through the use of built-in lexical analysis.  It is also possible to create custom content rules using regular expression matching. As an added feature, email spooling is incorporated to ensure your email will continue to function even if the server goes down.

This protection is offered through a real-time, pass-through architecture.  That means users experience no delay while accessing email.  Standard SSL or TLS protocols are available for messaging encryption and  SAS 70 Type II certification means you can have confidence in the safety of internal and external communications.

Email Archiving

Most of today’s business records are electronic and for good reason.  There is no need to maintain paper copies that take up an inordinate amount of physical space.  They don’t get lost.  They can be easily accessed by any number of authorized individuals, and it is a simple matter to comply with the various regulations regarding email archives including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as business continuity needs.

There are no limitations on storage space.  All email is included including external inbound and outbound email as well as internal email.  Up to ten years of email history is archived and, in order to guarantee authenticity, users are not able to rewrite messages or delete them.  You can count on the accuracy of email records because of this high degree of accountability.  Audit reports provide information that is useful to anyone using email as part of a management system.

Message Continuity

Electronic gremlins are always waiting to pounce.  It’s the nature of the beast, but there are ways to mitigate possible damage with preventative action. That’s where Google Message Continuity comes in.  As the name implies, nothing will stop your email from its appointed rounds.  Server problems will not spell the end of your company’s efficiency and operational ability.  This cloud-based answer to potential disaster means life goes on despite the problems encountered.  Whatever the challenge – power failure, hardware or software failure, or external threats – we will make sure you are back in business before you know it.  Even if your server fails, email will still be protected and available while the problems are solved.  Email disaster recovery is incorporated in the email protection system designed by Google.

Because the Microsoft Exchange server is synchronized with Gmail, it is possible to maintain the integrity of email delivery and protection even in the face of a server failure.  Once the server problems are addressed, the process is reversed, and control is back where it belongs – on the mail server.  The user never needs to know there was a problem because there is no problem for the user.  While email is under the control of Gmail, Google’s data center architecture maintains the high level of security you expect.