How can you leverage SD-WAN to benefit your business?

Jul 08, 2020

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Missed or poor-quality phone calls are missed opportunities
  • Video streaming or video conferences are crucial business functions
  • Business-critical applications and services are cloud-based
  • Redundant or backup internet connections are available but under-utilized

Here’s how SD-WAN can help

  • SD-WAN can improve voice quality and performance by actively managing traffic flow in and out of your networks, while actively shifting traffic between redundant or backup internet connections. Routing is monitored for speed and latency so the network can shift data packets to faster routes in real-time. Voice traffic can be weighted toward higher performance, but more expensive dedicated internet access circuits, where less-critical data is excluded.
  • Leveraging multiple internet connections and advanced prioritization algorithms, SD-WAN continually optimizes and prioritizes latency-sensitive traffic above less demanding data patterns. This results in fewer dropped frames, better average resolution and less need for large data buffers. Lagging video or delays in audio transmissions are greatly reduced.
  • Business-critical applications can be assigned higher priority handling during peak demand. Further, special routing protocols can be implemented to route critical data over specific connections where performance is better. This can include dedicated point-to-point connections between user sites, data-centers, cloud providers or any other combination.
  • Many business-grade firewalls support rudimentary load-balancing and fail-over when more than one internet connection is available. However, with SD-WAN, specific traffic types can be restricted to certain types of connections, such as VoIP on low-latency dedicated fiber connections and general browsing traffic or video streaming on inexpensive business-class broadband connections. Further, in the event of a connection outage, traffic is rerouted seamlessly and transparently to other connections like broadband, LTE or even microwave point-to-point links.

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