Nexigen Phishing As A Service

May 24, 2016

Edited: June 15, 2018

Phishing as a Service

Phase 1 – Test – Test the “human firewall” with phishing emails based on real-world examples.  Our security engineers re-use “in the wild” phishing attempts to provide a realistic simulation of active threats without having a malware-laden payload attached to the email.

Phase 2 – Educate – Our Phishing emails contain an educational document that reinforces what a user should know about spotting a phishing email.  Continued education reinforces good habits.

Phase 3 – Report – Reports are generated that identify if a user clicked the link in our simulated attack. If the phishing attempt is trying to gather credentials, this is also reported.

Program Details

Step 1 – Nexigen’s security engineers develop a phishing campaign based on current phishing tends.

Step 2 – This email is then sent to a list of users provided by the customer

Step 3 – Several days later, a customer receives a report of which emails were delivered, and which users clicked through.

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