“PrintNightmare” Vulnerability Information – CVE-2021-1675 – Update

Jul 09, 2021

In a previous blog post, we described the “PrintNightmare” vulnerability in Microsoft Windows operating systems. This vulnerability is believed to be present in all version of Windows and on July 6, 2021, Microsoft released a patch to resolve the vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler.

However, a security researcher has found that the official patch does not completely resolve the issue. Benjamin Delpy, a developer involved in the popular security utility padlockMimikatz, found that Microsoft’s Point and Print contains weaknesses can can still be exploited, even after the patch is applied and the system rebooted. As of this writing, the only definitive mitigation is to stop the print spooler and disable the service.

Nexigen is continuing to apply the security patches to all managed devices that are affected by these vulnerabilities. When fixes for the newly discovered bugs are released, they will be tested and distributed as rapidly as possible.