The D0$ And D0N^T$ Of Password Management

Sep 13, 2018

Ahh the password, the modern worker’s kryptonite. Ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration but even Clark Kent would agree that remembering every password you’ve created is a real B!@%H. While there are tools available that help manage passwords, we are here to give you some suggestions for personal and business best practices as well as some things to avoid.

Do have a password policy to govern your organization. Password policies give employees a minimum acceptable standard in terms of length of password, complexity and change schedule.

Don’t keep a sticky note on your monitor with all of your passwords on it. They can and will be stolen.

Do enable multi-factor authentication (especially) for logging into anything sensitive. The added security layer is never a bad thing.

Don’t use any personal (or pet) information in your password. If your password is “Fluffy2010” change it. Now.

Do use random phrases or “passphrases” to add complexity to your password. Pro Tip: spaces count as characters.

Don’t use the same password for every login you have. This is difficult but you don’t hide all of your spare house keys under the same door mat. Same principle.

Do substitute special characters for letters, BUT mix it up. Simply replacing “a” with “@” isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Don’t update your password by changing the 1 to a 2.

These are just the tip of the iceberg known as password management. If you have a system you use that help you keep all of your passwords safe (and is security proof) please share at the bottom, we love to learn too. Please don’t post your password though.