The Great Technology Divide

Dec 14, 2017

I have been working in technology, primarily in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, for almost 20 years.  There have been many new trends and shifts of focus over the years.  I have been fortunate to work for technology companies during that time so keeping up with those shifts have been part of the job.  One of the biggest trends recently is a great divide or gap that is forming in the technical ability of IT Professionals. In today’s technology world, everything is becoming more specialized or niche. Gone are the days of getting a general IT certification and being able to advance your career from there on experience and basic IT knowledge alone.  To grow and improve, today’s IT Professionals need to be constantly learning and evolving with the times.  Even worse, and as a result, some companies have an “IT Guy” that is basically holding them back because of their lack of ability.

The divide has basically eliminated what I’ll call middle IT.  There will always be a big need for low-level helpdesk and tech support individuals to assist end-users and fix pc related issues.  But when it comes to server architecture, you need specialists to build your new solution and environment the right way.  High-end cloud-based solutions are requiring more and more scripting and development to perform some basic administrative tasks.  The increase in technical requirements is what is separating the skilled and knowledgeable engineers from the rest of the pack.

We see this scenario far too often when talking with companies in the Tri-State region; their System Administrator is pushing for the solution that they are most comfortable with supporting.  I’ve seen Admins argue that the newer technology is more expensive even though in most cases it’s much more cost effective to implement.  I’ve also heard them say “it’s too new” even though it has been out for a couple years now.  What it really comes down to is they don’t understand how it works or they aren’t technical enough to implement the new solution.  Basically, said administrator has gotten left behind in today’s niche technology world and they are doing everything they can to keep their company outdated with them.  In some cases, implementing such a solution would be essentially eliminating the need for their job altogether. Because most Admins are only tasked with supporting and maintaining a company’s current infrastructure, it easy to see why they were left behind.  A lot of times they are simply trying to keep their head above water and their job description doesn’t require them to keep up with the trends.  But it’s not only Admins that are getting left behind, some Managed Service Providers are as well.  In most cases, that Service Provider doesn’t even realize they are falling behind the times.  Sadly, all of the Client companies that said Service Provider supports are getting poor guidance and outdated solutions as a result.

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Nexigen is widely known as a Managed Services company but I would say we are a Technology company that specializes in Managed Services.  Along with many other specializations.  We are constantly looking for new solutions and testing new technologies for our benefit but even more so to benefit the companies that we partner with.  We pride ourselves on being innovative and delivering the best possible solutions to our partners.  One thing you can be certain of is that the IT world will keep spinning so make sure you are working with a Technology company that can keep up.

About the Author: Chris Hensley, Chief Technology Officer, Nexigen