Why? Community matters.

Nexigen is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and supporting our community, particularly where our employees live and work, with both financial and volunteer resources.

Nexigen focuses a substantial portion of its contributions on programs which address education, services for veterans and the military, food security and services that empower purposeful living.

Focus Areas

Education: We support programs and projects that improve access to education for children which build skills in science, technology and engineering.

Veterans and the Military: We support organizations that provide services to improve the lives of veterans, the military and their families through health care that improves their health and well-being.  

Food Security and Nutrition: We support partners working to address hunger, improve nutrition and increase agricultural productivity.

Purposeful Living: We support organizations working to improve the lives of others through leadership, services, collaboration, and support.

Current Organizations

Tech Defenders. Mission: Tech Defenders is going to inspire and educate tomorrows leaders regarding the increasing important cyber security world. Vision: Tech Defenders runs a curriculum designed for high school students so they are more prepared for the college curriculum and eventually the work force.  We are setup in such a way that it will be able to have impact on schools in greater Cincinnati and grow to state level delivery.

Veteran’s Affairs Medical Centers.  Mission: Honor America’s Veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their health and well-being. Vision: We will continue to be the benchmark of excellence and value in health care and benefits by providing exemplary services that are both patient centered and evidence based.

Emergency Shelter. Mission Statement: To provide shelter which is life-saving in the winter and life-changing in the summer. Vision Statement: We believe homelessness is an emergency and that shelter is a basic necessity for human beings. We believe that only when this basic necessity is provided, do human beings have the ability to recover from homelessness.

Special Olympics of Northern Kentucky. Special Olympics is founded on the belief that people with intellectual disabilities can, with proper instruction and encouragement, learn, enjoy and benefit from participation in individual and team sports, adapted as necessary to meet the needs of those with special mental and physical limitations.

Brighton Center. Mission Statement: To create opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency through family support services, education, employment and leadership. Vision: To be an innovative leader that strengthens the vitality of the community and engages people as they work and live to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Dearborn Community Foundation. DCF grants support the needs/interests of the Dearborn County community in the fields of community service, social service, education, health, environment and the arts.

Tony Yates Caring For Kids. The mission of the Caring for Kids Foundation is to uplift, assist, and train youth and their families.

Evaluation Criteria

Nexigen will consider organizations meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • Registered nonprofits, nongovernmental, civic or education organizations that comply with local tax laws
  • Demonstrate leadership, evidence of impact, financial soundness and the capacity to implement initiatives and evaluate their success
  • Align with Nexigen’s corporate responsibility and business priorities
  • Align with Nexigen’s principles around inclusion and diversity
  • Addresse long-term solutions to issues
  • Have clear objectives, indicators of success, and a plan to measure and report on the outcomes

Request guidelines:

If your organization would like to submit an unsolicited request, please follow the guidelines below:

  • All requests must fit within our funding priorities.
  • Organizations must show evidence of competent management, low administrative/fundraising expense ratios, and a nondiscriminatory program benefiting broad segments of the community.
  • General information about your organization
  • Specific information about what type of gift you are requesting, along with alternative ways to give.

Please send all inquiries to HR@Nexigen.com or mail to the Attention of HR, 16 East 11th Street Newport, KY 41071.