Trust. Value. Not jerks.

The word “trust” is too often used by marketers as just another selling point to be checked off a list. Quality? Check. Slick logo? Check. Trust? Check. But trust isn’t that easy. It must be earned every day, or the business relationship will fail. We don’t let that happen. The safety and efficiency of your company’s data is at stake, as is our reputation.

More than just gear-heads, each member of your Nexigen team is also personable. We make a point of knowing you as a person and understanding your company as a competitive entity. We also study diligently to stay apace with the technology landscape of the future and looming threats.

Of course, being nice and trustworthy doesn’t mean much if we don’t also provide value. We won’t make any system recommendations until we’ve sat with you and talked extensively about your financial parameters, for now and the coming years. Then we can go off and plan how to give you the best binary bang for your buck.

Nexigen has been in business since 2003. We’ve grown mostly by referrals from satisfied customers. We’re going to bust our humps earning such a referral from you. When you’re talking with your peers, we hope you’ll tell them, “We trust Nexigen to have our back, to spend our money wisely, and to be there when we need them. Oh, and you’ll like them. They’re not jerks.”

That’s Nexigen in four words. Trust. Value. Not jerks.

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