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Nexigen, a trusted partner for Azure implementation, can help companies migrate to Azure with safety by utilizing Azure Zero Trust principles. Zero Trust is a security strategy, which involves explicit verification, least privileged access, and assumed breach methodologies. It requires changes to cloud infrastructure, deployment strategy, and implementation.

Reference Architecture – Microsoft Zero Trust Baseline

The shown reference architecture reflects a common deployment pattern in production environments for organizations migrating on-premises applications to Azure. The architecture includes all components necessary to support this application, including storage services and a hub VNet. This reference architecture walks through the recommendations for implementing Zero Trust by addressing each of the larger pieces hosted in Azure.

azure reference architecture

Reference Architecture – Microsoft Zero Trust Baseline

Nexigen provides a way to organize Azure infrastructure components, and Azure subscriptions, with a diagram outlining the different sections. Nexigen also suggests using products such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Monitor for each Azure subscription.

Azure Zero Trust

Migrating to Microsoft Azure with Nexigen

By working with Nexigen, companies can ensure their migration to Azure is safe and secure with the implementation of Zero Trust principles.  We follow our proven strategy of a RISK reduction approach with a thorough security assessment to the client environment followed by best practice architecture and a ITIL standardized change management process protecting customers on the front and backside followed by Nexigen’s robust maintenance program.  This entire approach is solidified by our protection scheme utilizing zero trust principles.

Azure – Zero Trust + Nexigen – Considerations

Implementing Zero Trust principles can be a daunting task for any organization, especially when it comes to migrating to a cloud environment like Microsoft Azure. However, with the help of Nexigen’s expertise in implementing Azure, companies can migrate safely and securely while adhering to Zero Trust principles.

Nexigen’s approach to implementing Zero Trust in Azure is based on a multi-disciplinary approach that involves designing and implementing security principles such as verifying explicitly, using least privileged access, and assuming breach. This approach requires changes to cloud infrastructure, deployment strategy, and implementation, which Nexigen is well-equipped to handle.

Nexigen Azure zero trust strategy includes protections include how organizations can apply a Zero Trust approach to applications, virtual desktop, data, and DevOps services based on real IT business environments.

Microsoft Azure – Advanced Endpoint Protection

Nexigen also recommends using advanced endpoint protection for Cloud and Security Monitor to ensure the secure migration of workloads to Azure. For each Azure subscription, tool sets such as Azure Monitor solutions and endpoint products such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud are available. If managed through a Management Group, these solutions can be consolidated into a single portal, making it easier to manage and apply permissions with role-based access control and Azure policies to a group of subscriptions.

Conclusion – Azure Zero Trust + Nexigen

Nexigen’s expertise in implementing Azure, combined with their knowledge of Zero Trust principles, can help companies safely and securely migrate workloads to Azure. With their multi-disciplinary approach to implementing security principles and their understanding of Azure components, Nexigen can ensure that organizations adhere to Zero Trust principles while utilizing the full potential of Microsoft Azure.

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