Everything You Need To Know About Managed Network Services

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The Network is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s how the company communicates internally and externally.

Having your Network managed professionally increases efficiency and allows you to detect network issues. Typical services include managing servers, routers, and switches, installing software, operating systems, and firewalls, and providing security for network infrastructure and the data that resides on it.

What are managed network services, and what benefits do they offer the enterprise? Here’s an overview and explanation of this emerging trend.

What is a managed network?

A managed network is a digital communications network designed, built, operated, secured, and managed by a third-party service provider. Managed service providers deliver these services through either cloud or on-premise infrastructure. A managed network provides all the network solutions required by an organization.

A Healthy Managed network has the following characteristics:

  • It’s well-designed and highly resilient.
  • It is regularly maintained proactively with updates.
  • It is monitored and watched by a team of professionals to ensure the highest uptime.

Quick facts about the internet:

  • The Internet consists of five billion computing devices such as computers, phones, modems, switches, routers, etc.
  • 269 billion emails are sent per day.

Benefits of Managed Network Services

Businesses find Managed Service Providers a healthy option from the financial and space constraints to labor / in-house IT resources. It also lets them manage network services without the expense of hiring more staff.

Managed Service Providers can offer solutions to networking issues like integration, monitoring, security, tech support, troubleshooting, and updates. 

Large companies find MSPs the best option when there is a need to deploy new technologies. Managed network services allow companies to have their in-house staff focus on more business-related tasks. Doing so boosts operational efficiency as MSPs take control of the required services and address issues when needed.

MSPs offer a proactive approach to managing networks remotely. MSPs have dedicated resources to monitor and watch to prevent IT problems and avoid disruptions in business operations.

Managed Network Services Model

It’s essential to manage your internet connection and wireless access points. Connectivity is vital in today’s businesses, especially when employees connect using collaborative software.

Managed service providers like Nexigen have cost-saving solutions that bundle internet circuits, firewalls, switches, and wireless access points into one solution that extends to your end user.

This premium service is supported by a 24/7 helpdesk, a network operation center, and a security operation center.

Benefits of using Nexigen to manage your network

  • Experience – Nexigen has managed over 10 thousand network devices. 
  • Security – Nexigen has an awarding winning nationally recognized cyber security team. 
  • Expanded capabilities – Nexigen’s toolset is market-leading and highly tuned.
  • Price-conscious – Nexigen has innovated to ensure clients get the most value for their dollar.

One Pane of Glass to manage your entire Network

Nexigen is a gold partner with Fortinet and built our Network as a Service offering on top of the comprehensive Fortinet platform. This way, your Network is integrated and highly secured with market-leading management tools from top to bottom.

More About our Fortinet partnership

Fortinet secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations worldwide. Fortinet provides its customers with intelligent, seamless protection against expanding threats and the ability to handle increasing performance requirements. 

Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges in networked, application, cloud, or mobile environments. Fortinet ranks number one in the most security appliances shipped worldwide, and more than 500,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses.

The Fortinet Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric enables organizations to achieve the outcomes of their digital innovation without compromise.

Highest Security Firewalls

FortiGate NGFWs deliver industry-leading enterprise security for any edge at any scale with complete visibility and threat protection. Organizations can weave security deep into the hybrid IT architecture and build security-driven networks to achieve: 

  • Ultra-fast security, end to end 
  • Consistent real-time defense with FortiGuard Services 
  • Excellent user experience with security processing units 
  • Operational efficiency and automated workflows

Secure Wireless Access Points

  • The most common form of access at the LAN Edge for users these days is Wi-Fi. Wireless Access Points can be added to any network to provide Wi-Fi access to employees and guests. The challenges of adding wireless to a deployment go far beyond the physical installation of the hardware. 
  • Network IT demands more capability and reliable security from fewer components to save on cost and simplify the environment. Fortinet’s Wireless LAN equipment leverages Security-driven Networking to provide secure wireless access for the enterprise LAN edge.

Commercial Secure Switches

  • Fortinet takes a security-driven networking approach offering Ethernet as an extension of the security infrastructure through FortiSwitch and FortiLink. Features such as NAC are included with no additional licensing. FortiSwitch provides a broad portfolio of secure, simple, and scalable Ethernet switches ideal for Secure SD-Branch and applications ranging from desktops to data centers.

Nexigen’s Managed Network team is second to none in its ability to monitor, proactively maintain, and expertly architect the best networks in the industry.

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