How Managed Endpoint Detection and Responses Keep Your Business Safe

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By 2030, it’s estimated that the cybersecurity market will be worth roughly $500.70 billion. Many businesses focus on a big aspect of the cyber security industry: endpoint detection and response (EDR). The question is, how do managed endpoint detection and response services benefit businesses?

Today, more than ever, businesses rely on online technology for storing valuable information. Yet, hackers and viruses are becoming more sophisticated. This means that devices that aren’t adequately protected can risk becoming compromised.

One of the best ways businesses can avoid this is by having managed endpoint detection. The problem is that not every business understands the importance of endpoint management.

Some businesses may not use this technology because they aren’t aware of its benefits.

Keep reading if you want to learn the benefits of endpoint detection and response.

What Is Endpoint Detection?

We appreciate that not everyone is familiar with what endpoint detection is. Before we go into more detail about the benefits of endpoint detection and how it works, let’s cover what it is.

Endpoint detection is a cybersecurity technology solution to detect cyber threats and suspicious activity in endpoint devices. This technology continuously monitors for threats in real time. It also uses analytic data techniques to detect suspicious behavior within endpoint devices.

There are lots of endpoint detection solutions. However, not all of them provide the same level of protection. Unfortunately, some services don’t stay current with the latest technology solutions.

However, Nexigen uses endpoint detection that has a proven methodology behind it. This ensures that businesses get online security and accurate real-time visibility.

It also ensures that security teams are prepared for cyber security threats.

Why is EDR Important?

  • Prevention alone can’t ensure 100 percent protection.
  • Adversaries can be inside your network for weeks.
  • Organizations lack the visibility needed to monitor endpoints effectively.
  • Access to actionable intelligence is needed to respond to an incident.
  • Having the data is only part of the solution.
  • Remediation can be protracted and costly.

How Does It Work?

When people first learn about endpoint detection, it can sound complicated. Of course, certain features come with this technology solution. However, some of them can be more complex than others.

For example, one feature of endpoint detection is that when it detects activity, it records it. It collects data and stores it in the central database to be viewed later.

This helps provide security teams with one of the critical tools they need to keep technology secure. So if an incident ever arose, security teams can detect any cyber threats.

The capabilities that endpoint detection has enables security teams to access suspicious information. This is used for future analysis, investigation, reporting, and alerting.

Key Features of Endpoint Detection

The great thing about managed EDR is that it can be paired with other technology security systems to help strengthen security. This is a valuable asset for any business or organization trying to protect its devices.

It Can Integrate With Threat Hunting

A big piece of technology used to protect devices is threat hunting. This technology actively searches for advanced threats and isolates them.

Endpoint detection can integrate with threat hunting giving businesses more visibility. It can also raise the level of security for devices to prevent security threats.

Insight and Intelligence

Another key feature of endpoint detection is insight and intelligence. The level of understanding that endpoint detection can provide is very high.

It can be the difference between catching some dangerous information or missing it. This is a crucial aspect when protecting devices against cyber threats.

Endpoint detection is also more advanced than many other security solutions. This is why it can provide a higher level of intelligence when finding threats.

Endpoint Detection Benefits

This technology has many benefits, but not every business knows them. For example, endpoint detection focuses on offering real-time visibility. However, it has many more capabilities that can help to strengthen security.

Identify and Detect Threats

One big benefit of using endpoint detection is its ability to identify threats. This is important, particularly when it comes to protecting technology and devices.

Endpoint detection uses advanced technology to detect incoming cyber security risks. Many businesses have already avoided huge cyber security threats simply by using endpoint detection.


One of the most important factors for preventing threats is visibility. Visibility can make the suspicious activity more transparent. It can also assist security teams by making them more aware of threats.

Endpoint detection provides the perfect level of visibility that security teams need. This is because it works in real-time to collect data on activity. If there ever are any threats, they will be monitored.

Quicker Response Times

Often whenever a cyber security threat is present, it is too late. By the time the threat is discovered, it may have already gained access to sensitive information. 

It can take some security systems hours before they detect an issue. But endpoint detection works quickly to find the problem and stop it from worsening.

This fast response time is what makes endpoint management so valuable.

Get Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services Today

There has never been a time when taking priority of your cyber security has been so important. Businesses must use managed endpoint detection and response services that they can trust.

Nexigen’s security team is highly-skilled at detecting, identifying, and preventing cyber security threats ahead of time. Nexigen’s endpoint detection services also deliver real-time visibility and analysis of threats.

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