The IT Complexities of Contemporary Manufacturing

Download this report on how to solve the threats to manufacturing information security and build a solid IT infrastructure.

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    Taking Care of IT Command and Control

    Manufacturers and Distributors need to collaborate with a firm that not only monitors, manages, and maintains their infrastructure, but also provides effective strategic guidance along the way. We not only deliver uptime and availability of your IT systems around the clock, but also know how to assist you in selecting and implementing entire systems.

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    Secure the manufacturing network

    With the major cost of downed equipment, organizations are looking more closely at topics like availability and uptime, especially related to cybersecurity risks. We can develop and execute a strategy to secure your network and keep those risks out.

    Increase visibility into the entire product lifecycle

    If something goes wrong with a product, you need a stockpile of sensor collected data concerning which supplier provided the component parts, which machine built a product, etc. We can analyze this quickly to isolate and identify other potentially-affected lines and runs, keeping those products out of the customers hands.

    Support Overall Equipment Effectiveness initiatives

    OEE-focused climate requires a predictive maintenance for machines. We can help you track data to know when your equipment is busiest and when the wear and tear is the worst and adjust maintenance schedules accordingly.

    Connecting equipment. Old and New

    As new machines are brought in, they must be connected to the corporate network. As this happens older machines must be retrofitted with the latest technology to provide consistent access to data. We know how to take care of this so there is no possibility of dangerous blind spots with the equipment.

    • 5,240 Devices Under Management
    • 24,768 Total Service Requests Handled
    • 17,044 Total Monitoring Alerts Handled
    • 88.7% within 45 seconds Call Answer Time

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