Service Desk

The Nexigen service desk is a team of engineers that can be leveraged by your organization to resolve technical support issues throughout your organisation. Nexigen has designed our team of engineers to be assigned clients as well as backed up by the pool of engineers. We do this in a way that achieves consistency and speed with our service delivery. Our service desk will help you increase support availability, improve response times, lower fixed costs, provide technical and industry expertise, and help you refocus on your core mission.

Features​ of the Nexigen service desk include:

  • 24 x 7 x 365​
  • Detailed Run Books​
  • Custom Support Plans​
  • Defined SLA Requirements​
  • Per Incident Support
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Quarterly Technology Business Reviews


Customized work flows for our clients


Built on a secure and compliant foundation

Nexigen Insights

Nexigen insights provide Live and accurate dashboards that are utilized internally and provided externally to our clients. Nexigen insights provide our clients with complete transparency into the inner workings of nexigen’s service management software. Insights also provide issue and event monitoring to track trends and data. Insights dashboards are customizable, integrate with multiple data sources, provide a clear picture of SLA metrics and are on demand allowing for clients to track success.

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Ticketing System

The Nexigen ticketing system is easy to use, extremely adaptable, transparent and provides accountability. Our ticket system is the most advanced system available and is a crucial part of our ERP system which has been highly customized for excellence in support.

Features​ of the Nexigen ticketing system include:

  • One Centralized System​​
  • Custom Board and Role Based Access​
  • Self Service Portal​
  • Every Issues is tracked from open to closed in a ticket​
  • End User Notifications​
  • Escalations and Automation​
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Granular Time Tracking​
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys​
  • Integrated SLA​ management​
  • Built in Knowledge Based​​
  • Customizable Work Flows​
  • Completely accessible by clients
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