Educate Your Users About Phishing

Phishing attacks are the cause of 80% of major breaches, according to a 2016 breach investigation report from Verizon. If your company hasn’t been targeted, we can only assume it’s located on Neptune. If you’re located on Earth, Nexigen will be genuinely happy to help. We hate phishers.

Education is key. Our service platform will train your users to be phishing savvy and proactive in catching phishes. It will also give you a profile on the risks unique to your company.

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Get a FREE Snared Phishing Program for 90-days!

Nexigen’s industry-leading phishing awareness, testing and training platform is so effective, that Nexigen is offering 90 days of no-obligation, free phishing training to all new subscribers.

    Gain Insight

    Insight is your best weapon. We’ll launch simulated phishing attacks based on what we’ve learned by hosting over 20,000 email accounts. The reporting data will give you a real-world view of the types of attacks to expect and how to stop them.

    Deploy Quickly

    Fast Deployment gets you up and running faster. Our “As a Service” model is delivered over the internet, instead of locally or onsite, so even those with zero I.T. knowledge can begin gaining valuable intelligence within a few hours, not days.

    Pay Per User

    Pay Per User means saving money. You avoid expensive licensing costs without sacrificing functionality. Users pay as little as $3, and their mail aliases don’t count as users. You will only be billed for services used in a given month.


    Upload a list of users from your organization, pick the template you wish to use, and schedule your first phishing campaign.


    Each month, Nexigen launches a simulated phishing attack that mimics the latest known varieties, and results are collected from each user.


    Detailed reports show you exactly who within your company opened the simulated email, clicked on its link, and submitted credentials or opened the attachment.


    With this list of users phished and caught, you can tailor education to reduce specific risk profiles.

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    You’re only as good as your technology tools. Schedule a free consultation with Nexigen and we’ll assess how optimizing your I.T. will help you work smarter.

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