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Navigating the cloud can pose challenges, especially when specific legacy applications aren’t quite ready to make the leap. On-premises upkeep for these systems can drain resources. That’s where colocation provides a solution, blending both cost-efficiency and dependability.

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The Nexigen Advantage

Beyond being a mere data center provider, Nexigen is a comprehensive managed IT service partner. Our colocation solutions pave the way for your potential full migration to the cloud. When you colocate with us, the same team that manages Nexigen Private Cloud takes care of your on-premises applications.

Nexigen Private Cloud Comparision
Nexigen Private Cloud Comparision

Why Nexigen’s Colocation Stands Out

  • Cost-Effective Scalability

  • Emphasis on 24/7 Reliability

  • Safety as a Core Service

  • Extending Your Physical Workspace

  • Working Side-by-Side with Your IT Team

Private Cloud: Unparalleled resilience.
Private Cloud: Unparalleled resilience.

Cost-Effective Scalability.

Stop overspending to maintain dedicated space, power, and cooling systems. With our advanced data centers, pay a simple monthly rate and benefit from our operational efficiency.

Private Cloud: Unmatched flexibility.
Private Cloud: Unmatched flexibility.

Extending Your Physical Workspace.

See our facility as a continuation of your workspace. Whether it’s a meeting room, a lab for staging, or on-the-go desks, they’re here when you need them.

Private Cloud: Unrivaled cybersecurity.
Private Cloud: Unrivaled cybersecurity.

Emphasis on 24/7 Reliability.

We’re proud of our resilient infrastructure. Nexigen promises a 100% uptime guarantee, backed by strong connectivity options.

Private Cloud: Unmatched flexibility.
Private Cloud: Unmatched flexibility.

Safety as a Core Service.

Our ISO27001-certified data centers are equipped with top-tier security measures both digitally and physically.

Private Cloud: Unmatched flexibility.
Private Cloud: Unmatched flexibility.

Working Side-by-Side with Your IT Team.

We offer more than mere storage. Our professionals stand by, ready to assist your IT team on-site, acting as a seamless extension of your internal crew.

Nexigen Colocation Services: Seamless Transition to the Cloud with Unparalleled Uptime

In the complex realm of cloud migration, Nexigen’s Custom Colocation Services emerge as a beacon of efficiency and dependability. Our tailored solutions bridge the gap between legacy systems and the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising performance.

The Trusted Partner for Your IT Infrastructure Needs

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced Design Architectures: Our experienced engineers design colocation solutions tailored to your specific business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and scalability to meet your evolving needs.

  • Robust Ecosystem of Service Providers: Gain seamless connectivity to major carriers and cloud on-ramps, enabling you to integrate your multi-cloud environment with dedicated low-latency connections effortlessly.

  • Global Presence: Leverage our extensive international portfolio with established colocation facilities in key Digital Gateway Markets strategically positioned to support your global business operations.

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Management: We provide complete monitoring, control, security, compliance, and reporting services for your colocated infrastructure, ensuring the highest levels of reliability, security, and regulatory adherence.

Why choose Colocation services?

Embrace the future of IT with Nexigen Colocation Services – your trusted partner for a seamless cloud migration and a thriving digital future.

Learn more about colocation options and capabilities.

You’re in good company.

Trusted by some of the most innovative and influential organizations.

We have been Nexigen customers for 10+ years, and we consider them a vital part of our team. The Nexigen Help Desk is always accessible to troubleshoot minor issues that might arise, while the sales and experienced tech staff that really understand our firm’s existing systems and needs are also just a phone call away.

IT Administrator Cincinnati Ohio

Joseph Schimpf, Schimpf, Ginocchio, Kehres & Clark, LLC, Cincinnati, OH
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There have been many positive changes since Nexigen started serving our IT needs, but the most noticeable change is the near-instant service any day, any time. And it’s not just answering the phone, they are almost always able to fix my problem very quickly. It’s like having an IT guy in every cubicle. The instant response and fast resolution of issues it what sets Nexigen apart.​

IT Administrator Cincinnati Ohio

Curtis Edwards, ThreeBond International, West Chester, OH
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Nexigen lets us focus on our core business instead of worrying about managing our IT infrastructure. Also, they were able to quickly recover from a ransomware attack quickly and efficiently with very little interruption to our operations. The team is responsive and knowledgeable. I always get through promptly when support is required.

IT Administrator Cincinnati Ohio

Paul Hayes, President, Able Tool, Cincinnati, OH

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Nexigen cloud services

Unleash Your Business Potential with Colocation

  • Enhanced Security: Colocation facilities are designed and operated with stringent security measures, safeguarding your valuable data from physical and cyber threats.
  • Unwavering Uptime: Colocation providers maintain a robust infrastructure with redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity, ensuring business continuity and eliminating downtime risks.
  • Scalability for Growth: Colocation services can seamlessly accommodate your expanding IT needs, allowing you to scale up or down without disrupting operations.
  • Reduced Operational Burden: Colocation providers handle the complexities of data center management, freeing up your IT team to focus on core business initiatives.