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Cloud agility meets best-in-class security, automation, and monitoring. It’s confidence-as-a-service™ – and it’s all powered by Nexigen’s unrivaled (and always local) expertise.

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Managed IT services, Cloud, Cybersecurity – when it comes to tackling your IT needs, one size never fits all.

We get it. And that’s why our IT support, cloud solutions, and expert cybersecurity services are tailored to the unique needs of your business, your customers, and your budget. We’re your virtual guardians, here to deliver confidence-as-a-service™ – and keep your business moving forward.

Navigate disparate providers and you’ll be:

  • Juggle multiple vendors, including an MSP, cybersecurity, network support, and a compliance pro.
  • With so many vendors, you’ll likely wind up with a fragmented strategy that leads to disjointed efforts.
  • It’s busy, it’s chaotic, and it’s costly, with each vendor seeking to maximize their individual revenue – and driving higher costs for you.
  • All of this, then, leads to a culture of finger-pointing, with separate entities shifting blame and creating friction – but no results.

A segmented approach may work for some businesses looking for high-level isolation and segregation of duties. For those who require rapid scaling, a specialized vendor may provide benefits – but that comes with a hefty price tag.


Alternatively, you could take an integrated approach to your IT and cybersecurity support and get:

  • A unified interface with total convenience from end-to-end – a single ticketing system, one client portal, and one point of contact at a single vendor.

  • Supportive, coordinated efforts that can save you up to 50% on response time.

  • Plus, you’ll be ensured total compliance, no matter the industry, location, or need.

  • It’s also cost-efficient – our holistic approach drives, on average, 30% savings.

Adopting Nexigen’s integrated approach simplifies communication, enhances coordination, and streamlines billing, saving you time, resources, and budget.

Learn more about Nexigen’s managed IT services and cyber security packages.

Your guide for cloud agility, scale, and security.

Nexigen offers fully customizable managed IT service plans tailored to your business.

Service Plans



This package ensures your system’s optimum performance around the clock, backed by our 24/7/365 Network Operations services.

We’ll help you with routine tasks like software updates and patch management, so you can focus on running your business and growing your business.



This package includes a strategic business review and unlimited support alongside 24/7/365 Network Operations.

We’ll handle more complex tasks like network monitoring and security, so you can be confident that your IT infrastructure is running smoothly.



This package is designed for companies without a full-time cybersecurity department but require robust protection with a 24/7/365 SOC.

Our Secured service is designed for businesses like yours that need robust cybersecurity protection without the expense of a full-time team.



This package is à la carte menu of all our services. Customize a plan for services you want to outsource including network, cloud, service or security.

Our Enterprise service is designed for businesses with complex IT needs. We’ll work with you to develop a custom solution for your team.

Jon Salisbury

Jon Salisbury

Chief Executive Officer

IT Services Checklist: Selecting the Best IT Provider for Your Business

8 questions to ask your next Managed IT Service provider.

You’re in good company.

Trusted by some of the most innovative and influential organizations.

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There is always a difference between choosing a service and choosing a partner providing a service. Nexigen sets itself apart in this manner from other companies.

IT Administrator Cincinnati Ohio

James Thomas, IT Administrator

Nexigen provides all of our IT Infrastructure. The one-stop employee Help Desk allows our internal IT department to focus on software applications and business support.​

IT Administrator Cincinnati Ohio

Maria Reynolds , Finance Director

Peace of mind – and sleeping well at night! The biggest benefit of partnering with Nexigen is that our IT and cyber security are in good hands.

IT Administrator Cincinnati Ohio

Ryan Vidal, CEO / Founder

Discover confidence-as-a-service™

  • 1
    Fixed-price IT strategy plans
  • 2
    Unlimited technical support
  • 3
    No-waste “pay for what you use” model
  • 4
    Always-on network and security systems monitoring
  • 5
    Simplified scalability
Managed IT services can help your business stay up and running smoothly

Comprehensive & customizable managed IT services.

Together, we’ll develop an end-to-end approach to IT and cybersecurity scale and support.

Zero-trust endpoint security

Assume no trust, even inside the network.

Backup and disaster recovery

Protect data and systems from loss.

24/7 network & performance monitoring

Continuously monitor for issues.

Asset and lifecycle management

Track assets from procurement to disposal.

Complete network and security support

Comprehensive support for all aspects of network and security.

Full equipment lifecycle management

Manage equipment from procurement to disposal.

Third-party patching

Apply security updates to third-party software.

Microsoft 365 integration and support

Integrate Microsoft 365 with existing systems and provide support.

Microsoft Azure architecture and security

Design and implement secure Microsoft Azure solutions.

Onsite engineering and support fast

Provide on-site engineering and support to resolve issues quickly.

60-second response

Respond to customer inquiries within 60 seconds.

99.6% client satisfaction

Achieve 99.6% client satisfaction.

Prepare your business for growth and ensure unwavering security.

Always-on protection. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Nexigen delivers:

  • 24/7 support and availability

  • Proactive monitoring and infrastructure management

  • Dedicated expert engineers and cybersecurity specialists

Build your managed IT services maintenance plan.

  • Focused resources aligned to your business

  • Comprehensive data and network protection

  • Less waste with a predictable, pay-for-what-you-need model

One solution. Countless IT goals.

Customizable managed IT services agreements ensure your business has secure, simplified monitoring and support – with an eye on your future growth.

No surprises. Just results.

Optimize your IT management investment. Get reliable network and server support, wireless networking, and best-in-class cybersecurity services.

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  • Refine services and add-ons to finalize your predictable, no-waste plan

  • Breathe. You’ve got IT under control.

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