Managed Cybersecurity

Anti-virus prevention Reduced Risk and Compliant

At Nexigen, our team of managed detection and response experts provides complete visibility and the tools you need to combat any cybersecurity threat.

With our managed cybersecurity solutions, you can take control of your organization’s security and regain the advantage in the ongoing battle against cyber threats.

Request a free consultation today to learn more about how Nexigen can help protect your business. Our team will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide personalized recommendations for your organization.

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Benefits of Managed Security

  • Layered security – Nexigen security services watch multiple threat surfaces that attackers can use to access systems. Nexigen has you covered at every layer.

  • Proactive Security – Nexigen security services stop events before they become incidents with our leading technologies and experienced team.

  • Absolute Visibility – Customers gain total visibility into there environment as we correlate the entire ecosystem into our state-of-the-art “Nexigen UX” client portal which includes comprehensive customer dashboards, customizable reporting and more.

  • Zero Trust – Nexigen inspects your environment from top to bottom (North / South) (East / West) from the network, IoT, Endpoint, Infrastructure to the cloud, SAAS, etc.   We then develop proven Zero Trust methodologies throughout.  The key benefit of working with Nexigen is that the implementation from a user experience standpoint is FRICTIONLESS meaning users dont even know it happens. 

Layered Security 

Best Practices for Layered Security

  • Follow Least Privilege
    When segmenting your network, it’s important to minimize who and what has access within and across systems according to actual need.  By following the principle of least privilege and role-based access, you can limit hosts, services, users, and networks from accessing data and functions that are outside their immediate responsibility. This will strengthen the overall security posture while also making it easier to monitor traffic throughout your network.
  • Limit third-party access
    It is vital to limit third-party access to your network to minimize exploitable entry points. Third-party remote access risks remain a key vulnerability for organizations.  Some ways to accomplish this are to create isolated portals for third parties that need access to your network to provide services.
  • Audit and monitor your network
    Segmenting your network is just the first step to a strong segmentation strategy.  The next step is continually monitoring and auditing your network to ensure the architecture is secure and identify gaps in your subnetworks that could be exploited. Monitor your network so you can quickly identify and isolate traffic or security issues. Then conduct regular audits to surface architectural weaknesses. This is especially important as your business evolves and grows; as your business changes, your network architecture may no longer meet your needs. Regular audits can help you assess when and where you need to adjust your network segmentation design for optimal performance and security.
  • Make legitimate paths to access easier than illegitimate pathways
    When evaluating and planning your architecture design, pay attention to how you plot access and what paths users will take to connect to your network.
  • Combine similar network resources
    Save time and reduce security overhead by combining similar network resources into individual databases. As you review your network, categorize data by type and degree of sensitivity.
  • Don’t over-segment
    Gartner notes that one of the most common errors organizations make when segmenting their networks is over-segmenting, or creating too many zones. Having too many segments adds unnecessary complexity and makes it harder to manage your network as a whole.  Keep in mind, you must create policies that define what has access between each pair of zones. So the more zones you create, the more policies you need to manage. “Over segmenting” can quickly expand the scope of your security management, making it costly and inefficient. Think of it this way: While you want to group similar network resources, be careful to “build a fence around the car park, not a fence and gate around every car.”
  • Visualize your network
    In order to design effective and secure network architecture, you first need to understand who your users are, what components make up your network, and how all the systems relate to one another. In other words, without a clear picture of your current state, it will be difficult to plan and achieve your desired state.

Proactive Security

Proactive Security Best Practices

  • Shift the conversation to RISK
    No business is ever 100% secure. You can have the best security technology and processes in place, but there’s always the risk that a new type of attack could hit your company first. Yet, the conversation often focuses on an almost binary view of either being secure or not. This all-or-nothing proposition denies the reality of the situation.
  • Define your Mission Critical Assets
    Companies should define their mission critical assets and heighten their security around these items. Additionally, companies should regularly review their security policies for these “Mission Critical Assets”.  Discover if they’re important individuals, systems, access points, or data. While it’s impossible to every step, defining and protecting a company’s Mission Critical Assets should be the top priority for anyone providing cybersecurity
  • Secure your environment at different levels
    From human capital to technology assets. From layer 1 – 7 you are accounting for cybersecurity across all levels.  One level many dont take into account is LEADERSHIP. Nexigen focuses the conversation on RISK and calculates recommendations into a correlated financial impact.  This is a much cleaner approach when talking with leadership.  Nexigen recommends aiming for making the WISEST investment with your leadership team.  Its hard to not fear the sticker shock some times but leadership needs confidence in there IT systems.  We work to not undershoot which may miss the mark and leave clients unprepared for potential breaches.

Absolute Visibility

Absolute Visibility Practices

  • Achieve complete asset discovery
    The new breed of connected devices operates without being restricted to traditional perimeters. So, organizations need to identify and detect a wide range of assets, including those connected to their networks and those that operate wirelessly.
  • Context is key to understanding gaps and risks
    IT and security teams need to understand not only what devices are connected to their environments but also the context of each asset.
  • Manage legacy issues
    One of the biggest threats to retaining complete visibility of all corporate assets is retaining legacy software and hardware.
  • Deploy monitoring fabrics
    As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, it’s crucial to not only monitor and detect potentially malicious activity at one level but across your entire technology ecosystem in an “Integrated” approach.
  • Embrace identity and access management
    With employees accessing networks and logging in to applications from new devices and locations, organizations must be able to identify and verify them immediately.
  • Automate policy enforcement
    As soon a risk or vulnerability is identified, it’s crucial to address and mitigate it immediately. Relying on people to do this manually is a challenging process that’s liable to human error.

Managed Cybersecurity Services



  • Leading Cybersecurity Toolset
  • Stops Crypto Ransom attacks
  • Stops Data Exfiltration attacks
  • Reduced Overall Cybersecurity Risk
  • Increase IT Operations Uptime
  • Increase User Confidence in Systems​


  • Discover and Predict​
  • Malware Prevention​
  • Detect and Diffuse​
  • Respond and Remediate​
  • Investigate and Hunt
  • Security Fabric Integration

Security Team – SOC


  • Highly Experienced
  • Cybersecurity Experts
  • Cybersecurity team-based approach
  • Highly Transparent
  • US Based (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Highly Collaborative


  • Industry Leading Certifications​
  • World Class Software and Tooling
  • Leading Processes and Procedures
  • Cybersecurity Compliance Focused



  • Top Managed IT Cybersecurity Endpoint protection
  • Fully Managed Anti-Virus Solutions​
  • Fully Continually Tested Toolset
  • Increase Company Cybersecurity


  • Zero Trust Agent
  • Central Management using the Cloud
  • Central Logging and Reporting
  • SSO Mobility Agent
  • Vulnerability Agent and Remediation
  • Web Filtering
  • USB Device Control
  • Sandboxing
  • AI-Powered

Response / Remediate


  • Seasoned Team of Cybersecurity incident responders
  • Cybersecurity Forensics facilities that meet local, state, and federal standards
  • A strong relationship with the FBI​ and law enforcement​


  • World Class Cybersecurity Software and Tooling​
  • Industry Leading Process and Procedures​
  • NIST 800-61 ​
  • Mitigation Services for ongoing attacks
  • Consulting Capabilities
  • DFiR (Digital Forensics Incident Response) Methodology ​
  • Onsite Forensic Facilities and Capabilities



  • Unified Cybersecurity SIEM Platform
  • Scale as you grow architecture and licensing
  • Single-pane-of-Glass Management and Control
  • Out of the Box Cybersecurity Compliance and Return on investment (ROI)
  • Review with vendors and stakeholders, as needed (insurance, lawyers, regulators)​​


  • Distributed Real-Time Event Correlation
  • Flexible and Fast Custom Log Parsing
  • Framework
  • Real-Time, Automated Infrastructure
  • Discovery and Application Discovery Engine
  • Business Services Dashboard
  • Dynamic User Identity Mapping
  • Automated Incident Mitigation
  • Automated Incident Mitigation

Nexigen Services Mapped To Cybersecurity Framework






  • Consulting Services
  • Policy Creation
  • Cyber Assessments
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Management
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Pen Testing
  • Security Audits
  • O365 Indicators of Compromise
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Environment Config
  • EDR
  • End Point Protection
  • Security Training
  • Phishing Training
  • EDR
  • Antivirus
  • SIEM
  • SOC
  • Honey Pots
  • O365 Indicators of Compromise
  • SOC
  • Incident Response
  • Security Team
  • EDR
  • Digital Forensics
  • Custom Tools to Speedy Recovery
  • NOC
  • Service Teams
  • System Restores
  • Server Recovery
  • Desktop Recovery
  • Continuous Monitoring

Piece of Mind – Sleep Well at Night!
The biggest benefit of using Nexigen is a piece of mind. Knowing that they are managing our IT and watching our back is a tremendous benefit to us. I like to sleep well at night and knowing that Nexigen will be there for us when we need them most lets me do that. They respond timely and have most issues resolved in a short amount of time. Even issues I expect to take considerable time are resolved quicker than I expect. You aren’t going to find more knowledgeable IT people that are easier to work with than Nexigen. Just do it!

Mark Bates, Chief Operating Officer, Wealthquest, Cincinnati, OH
Joseph Schimpf

I’ll Have What They’re Having

We have been Nexigen customers for 10+ years, and we consider them a vital part of our team. The multiple layers of service that Nexigen provides set them apart from other IT providers and give my firm the quick answers we need at times, as well as the expertise for bigger issues or upgrades. The Nexigen Help Desk is always accessible to troubleshoot minor issues that might arise, while the sales and experienced tech staff that really understand our firm’s existing systems and needs are also just a phone call away. The biggest differentiators that I have noticed are 1) accessibility and responsiveness and 2) accurate pricing and timing estimates.

Joseph Schimpf, Schimpf, Ginocchio, Kehres & Clark, LLC, Cincinnati, OH

Responsive and Knowledgeable – Leave Your IT to the Pros.

Nexigen allows us to focus on our core business instead of worrying about managing our IT infrastructure. Also, they were able to quickly recover from a ransomware attack quickly and efficiently with very little interruption to our operations. The team is responsive and knowledgeable. I always get through promptly when support is required.

Paul Hayes, President, Able Tool, Cincinnati, OH
Curtis Edwards

Have an IT Guy in Every Cubicle!

There have been many positive changes since Nexigen started serving our IT needs, but the most noticeable change is the near-instant service any day any time. And it’s not just answering the phone, they are almost always able to fix my problem very quickly. It’s like having an IT guy in every cubicle. The instant response and fast resolution of issues it what sets Nexigen apart. Don’t hesitate, they prove their worth immediately. You have all the resources you need without paying them to game in the server room. If that is appealing to you, do it!

Curtis Edwards, ThreeBond International, West Chester, OH
maria reynolds

Nexigen provides all our IT Infrastructure. The one-stop Help Desk for our employees allows our internal IT department to stay focused on software applications and business support. As well, Nexigen provides on-site services upon request. The knowledgeable staff and flexibility in services are perfect for our mid-size Company. Nexigen’s IT support of our infrastructure has enabled exponential expansion of finance branches and retail locations.

Maria Reynolds, IT Administrator, Eagle Finance, Florence, KY
IT Administrator Cincinnati Ohio

Trustworthy and Honest Company

I joined Crown Plastics in November 2021, and thus picked up where my predecessor left off with Nexigen and the project they had started here at Crown.

The first step to success was meeting and working with Robert Thompson and the team working to make our company more secure and capable to handle any downtime that we might experience. The options and offerings that Nexigen provided are top notch and customizable to the business needs. In fact, Nexigen keeps growing and offering more programs and services to keep pace with the worlds growing threats and monitoring challenges.

There is always a difference between choosing a service and choosing a partner providing a service. Nexigen sets themselves apart in this manner from other companies… and when approached by other companies, (and we always are)  they can’t stack up to the services provided. Or the people that provide that customer service.

In summary, if you are looking for a straightforward, honest company to provide you with the technology to take your business to the next level, the partner that will look out for your business and protect your blindside, choose Nexigen.

James Thomas, Crown Plastics, Cincinnati, OH

A True Partner Developing Solutions for the Future.
Nexigen has been a true partner for us. They really take the time to understand our future goals and provide solutions not just for the moment but the future of our organization.

Jeremy Bolling, CFO, Conger Construction Group, Lebanon, OH

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